I love Autumn. I love the crisp air, the bright clear skies. The sound of the leaves crunching. The trees giving up their summer bounty to the ground. The smell of spices and warmth. The first sip of hot chocolate. Thanksgiving ( I am Canadian) and Halloween. The primer month for holidays to come. I love that i get to wear snugly clothes and fluffy socks. I am sure I could sit here all evening and think of things to describe why this is my favorite month of the year. Not necessarily my favorite time, I like most any holiday, but of course the Christmas season is tops for me. I think I spend the first eight and half months waiting for the end of September, My birthday, October, and December. November to me is the month that is the cross over month. The time you use to get from one great holiday time to the next. When I start my shopping make my list, get my cards ready for mailing, prepare for he winter season, and celebrate the birthdays of friend lucky enough not to have been born during the busy holiday month of December. Because lets face it, even if you are born December first, many still consider it just too close to Christmas. So enjoy October, go head, eat the candy corn.

Happy Autumn!

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Train Wreck said...

What a beautiful post! Welcome, I noticed you just added yourself to my posse! (wink) Such a beautiful description of Fall! I felt as if I was following you! Stop by anytime, I will check up on you as well.