I love autumn.

I am sure I have said this many times before, but it is by far my favourite season and tops my favourite time of year.

The trees have started to slowly change colour and shed their leaves. The sun is starting to rise slower and shines much brighter in the morning. The evenings have turn crisp and cool, the skies clear and the stars shining bright and strong.

The magic and wonder of Mother Nature is alive with activity as she prepares for a great winters sleep. Now is the time she gives to us her great bounty, the fruits of all her hard spring and summer labours.
I love this moment in time. Where day and night stand equal. The sounds and smells, the offerings and gatherings that fall brings to us. From the sound of crisp crunchy leaves to the scurry of squirrels storing their winter meals, I love everything autumn has to offer.

Bright autumn days and hot apple cider on cool fall evenings. Thanksgiving gatherings with family and the excitement of Halloween, when magic is in the air and children are dressed as ghouls and goblins in hopes of scoring some candy corn and chocolate.

Every year I look forward to the same silly Halloween cartoons and movies. Then of course, the trip to the pumpkin patch with family, friends and their children on a search for the perfect carving pumpkin.
This is our chance to reap what we have sown, reflect, give thanks and truly appreciate all that we have been given and all that we have.

I wish you all a merry and bountiful Mabon. May your blessings this season be plentiful.