There is cake in the fridge.

Carrot cake, but cake no less.

Which virtue tells me I am not allowed to eat the cake at 2:00am in the morning.

I am tired and wired all at once. My sleep and wake patterns are counter productive to my life. So sleepy this morning.. had three, yes three shots of espresso in my latte, yawned all morning. Was so sleepy around 8:30. Now, tired, but wide awake.. eyes wide open, like babies in pictures.. you know that surprised wide opened eyed look they get.

Maybe I will read.. reading is good. If nothing else it will pass the time well.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" -Acheron

I finally finished!

I was so very pleased. There was concern going in, as I had not been as excited about her last few books as I had been in the beginning. I was worried that this would not do justice to fantasy I had built in my head. 700+ pages and many sleepless nights and I can truly say i am sated, happy, excited ... I will need to get the thesaurus. I wont bother to review the book, that has been done all over. I am just utterly pleased with this installment, and am looking forward to more DH books as well as fining out just a little more about Jaeden. Not to mention what is going to happen with Nick. All I can say is run do not get caught up with the heifer goddess!


I love living alone. 

While I enjoy the company of others, and at times crave the interaction. I need solitude. I like being by myself to do as I wish, when I want to. Not that I can not do that now. Its just different, when its just you.

Well, me and the fur children. Although the fur children are sometimes demanding. When they both sit and stare at me, following me around to see what I will do next. I wonder, are they looking at me with admiration, or thinking, we could take you down you silly human. 

Either way, I know they will stick to admiring glances, as I, with my fancy thumbs, am the only one of us three able to open the cans of food and the patio door.